Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What if

What if BN won with the 2/3 majority and did not lose the 4 other states.

Life would go one with everyone. There will be no major crisis for any components of BN.

The main stream media would broadcast this headline 'Malaysians have full confident in BN'.

Badawi would still rule UMNO without any hassle. In fact his whole family including Patrick Lim will rule the country without any hassle.

Jean would be happily tagging along with Badawi on all official functions.

Khairy would be having full control on all government projects and will be given a minister post.

Ong would have full control of MCA. In fact, the Ong dynasty would become a reality.

Samy would insist that all Indians are a happy lot and HINDRAF is just a troublemaker.

Gerakan would still rule Penang but with a new CM.

Koh will be a minister.

PPP would still be a minority party. Kayveas would still be making the most comments.

Najib will still be the second man and will always be sulking at the background.

Hisamuddin will be kissing the keris again at the UMNO general assembly and says 'Don't dare the Malays'.

Rafidah will be dropped from the cabinet, as Badawi considers her a pain in the ass and Sharizat will take over as the Wanita UMNO chief.

All the regular UMNO Menteri Besar will be appointed in each state without any hassle. The rulers will no say.

Mahatir will be taking pot shots at Badawi once in a while. Other than that, he will retire peacefully from politics.

Mat Taib will become a minister. Nobody will question his appointment.

Tengku Adnan will still be a minister.

Zakaria would still be alive and enjoying his riches.

Nazri and Zainuddin will call the bloggers a bunch of 'good for nothing computer users'.

The judiciary is fine.

Linggam will be acquitted of any wrong doing.

Abd Razak will be acquitted from the murder trial.

DAP, PAS and PKR will still be a minority in parliament.

Anwar will be planning for the next election.

The chinese and indians will be marginalized as usual.

Inflation and corruption will be the norm.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Penang land deals: Whack the corrupt

From Malaysiakini

Penang land deals: Whack the corrupt
Apr 2, 08 9:09am
‘It is shocking that the ACA did not find any misappropriation involving land and public funds under the previous state administration.’


ACA is NEVER realiable. Look at how they investigated Linggam's case. The organization is controlled by the government and they will do their bidding.

They should rename as : All Corruption Acepted

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Samy calls for Hindraf 5's release

From Malaysiakini

Samy calls for Hindraf 5's release
RK Anand Mar 30, 08 12:12pm
updated 1.30pm In a dramatic about-turn, MIC president S Samy Vellu calls for the release of the five Hindraf leaders detained without trial under the Internal Security Act.


Too little too late. Why didn't Samy help them before the election.

The dramatic about-turn only shows that you are desperate, very desperate in getting back the support from the Indian population.

Why now and not before the election? But nevertheless, MIC is no longer a force to be reckon with and it is now irrelevant in the Malaysian political scene. DAP, PKR and even PAS will be fighting for the Indian community.

MIC, don't be a hindrance to your own community and marginalized them. It's time for them to grow and develop into a strong race in Malaysia, standing side by side with the Malays and Chinese, rather than behind them.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Looming battle of 'MCA Ong' dynasty

From Malaysiakini

Looming battle of 'MCA Ong' dynasty
Stanley Koh Mar 28, 08 12:21pm
As the battle lines are drawn following the MCA presidential council’s recent endorsement of the party national polls to be held on Oct 18 this year, more criticisms and accusations are expected to surface during the divisional elections scheduled in July.


With the power struggle going on within MCA, I don't think they have the time to help or assist the Chinese community.

Well except 1 person, Michael Chong.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Umno polls in Dec, Ahmad backed as MB

From Malaysiakini

Umno polls in Dec, Ahmad backed as MB
Beh Lih Yi Mar 27, 08 7:14pm
Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today said the party had asked former Terengganu menteri besar Idris Jusoh to accept the Terengganu palace’s decision to appoint Ahmad Said as the menteri besar.


I have to give credit to Ahmad Said in going ahead after being appointed as the MB even being threatened with disciplinary action from UMNO. After all, he has the backing of the sultan/Agong and the rakyat of Terengganu. Even after being publicly humiliated by Badawi during a meeting by asking him to leave.

Now that everything has been settled, I would suggest that it is time to take disciplinary action against the 22 BN MPs who revolted and the police should take action against those who protested against the sultan's choice of MB. After all, these protesters have committed a crime of high treason against the king. It's getting clearer that UMNO does support street protest, you people are no different.

The cronies and lackeys of UMNO earlier was all out in condemning Ahmad Said, now they have changed their tune after their master told them to do so.

'Sit, come here, jump, roll over....good play dead!"

Sorry no cure for '88 crisis

From Malaysiakini

Sorry no cure for '88 crisis
Mar 27, 08 2:56pm
An apology by the government for the 1988 judicial crisis is not sufficient to induce real reform, said former United Nations special rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers Param Cumaraswamy.


What's the use in saying 'sorry'. It was the darkest hour for our Malaysian judiciary system when this incident happened and the whole world watched in horror.

Bring those involved to justice now, have a fair trial and sentenced the guilty ones accordingly.

Will Zaid live up to his expectation and clean-up our judiciary system.Time will tell, in fact everyone will be watching how the high profile cases are handled. If they are handled satisfactorily, the next 5 years, eveyone will know what to do..........BN will be the opposition party.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Deputy minister Ghapur quits

From Malaysiakini

Deputy minister Ghapur quits
Mar 27, 08 10:31am
On the eigth day after being appointed deputy minister of natural resources and environment, Ghapur Salleh has called it quits, saying that he wanted to do his "own thing."

Comment :

Somehow, my gut feeling tells me that these politicians have no confidence in the current administration. It's not a good sign when a deputy minister suddenly resigns, especially if there's no scandal involved......